5 Back to School/College Tips

Hi everyone!

So we were thinking, both The Little Writer & The Music Enthusiast, that we wanted to create a new segment that involves some great tips for school and college. We wanted to share our experiences with some hassles that school and classes bring to us. This way we can help students, who may be looking for some tips to get them through the semester or school year. Each week (every Tuesday) one of us will be posting a tip. So, having that said, we’ll “start off” the segment with these 5 awesome tips.

1. Waking Up On Time

-Tip from The Music Enthusiast-


The most important thing to do before you go to bed is to turn on your Alarm clock. Each morning we need enough time to wake up, have a little time for ourselves, and get ready. To do so, we need to have our alarms ready. If you’re a person that takes five minutes getting ready, and you need to leave your home at 6:00am, please don’t put your alarm for 5:45am. It’s not healthy. The waking up process is the most important one of the day. It pretty much defines your mood for the rest, or at least most, of the day.

For this reason, you should remember to wake up early with enough time for yourself. Yes, I know that waking up at 5:00am isn’t easy. Believe me, I know. It’s quite irritating at times, but we really don’t have much of a choice, do we? However, if you really want to have enough time to get up, get dressed, and have a healthy breakfast without a rush, well, you have to wake up pretty early. Of course, this all depends on your own pace. For example, if I want to wake up at 5:00am I have to put an alarm at 4:45am, 5:00am, 5:15am, and 5:30am, basically because I’m one of those people that loves to hit the snooze button. If by 5:30am I’m not awake… I’m late. So, waking up on time really depends on the person. It depends on how long you take to get up and leave your bed, it depends on how much of a heavy sleeper you are, if you can hear the alarm right away or if you need it loud and annoying enough to wake you up. In the end, it depends on you, my friend. Just remember to give yourself some you-time so you can start your day just right! 😉

2. What to Wear

-Tip from The Music Enthusiast-

what to wear width=

For some people, myself included, finding what to wear is always a dilemma. For me, my mornings used to consist of something like this:

– *sigh* “I’m tired of these jeans!!! But dammit!! They feel so comfy!!!
– “I should stop using the same T-shirts every week. But c’mon! It’s not my fault they look so good!!
– “Oh! This dress is really pretty. I love it! I look adorable!!”
– *five minutes later* “NOPE! Jeans it is!”

It’s basically a war of “what the heck am I going to wear today?!” And worst of all, it was taking too much of my morning time. That’s why, I decided to prepare my wardrobe the night before. That way if I had to change five times to find the right outfit for the day, well, I didn’t lose my precious morning time.

You see, thinking about how you look and specially thinking about what others might think about you is something that can really influence on our wardrobe choices. And that’s not right. I know other people’s stares and opinions will sometimes influence on our wardrobe, but if there’s something I’ve learned for these past 4 years in college is that nobody gives a shit. You’ll always have the girls and boys that like to look good (and if you’re one of them, kudos to you! I envy your ability and dedication to look so good every day. I unfortunately don’t have the willpower). But also there’s always going to be the pajama people that really don’t care about it! Hello! If my first class is at 7:30am, I’m going in my freaking pajamas! (I’ve never had the guts to pull a pajama wardrobe, though. I should do it before I graduate. Adding it to the list.) Anyways… I’ve basically learned that college is full of hundreds of styles and that’s what makes it so awesome. If a Tshirt and some jeans are comfy and good looking for you, you should pull it off for any day you want. It’s worked for me so far! 😉 And it doesn’t matter what others think. The only thing that matters is what you think of yourself. My mom always told me that one looks how one feels. So if you feel comfortable and you feel like you really look good… YOU LOOK GOOD. Don’t let other people decide your style or your ways. And DO NOT go to classes feeling uncomfortable with yourself. Just be your own self!!!! But… remember to prepare the wardrobe before going to bed that way you don’t lose 10 minutes of your morning changing six times. xD

3. A Good Attitude and Some Motivation 

-Tip from The Little Writer

As classes start and as it progresses throughout the semester we tend to be slightly more negative because of all the work, the lack of sleep, exams, papers and even grades. This slightly more negative attitude is bad for us because we at times seem to bring ourselves down and we feel like we should give up. Well I have a great solution for this problem, which involves a good dosage of positivity.

This solution is all about sticky notes. Sometimes throughout the day we need a little pick me up and most of the time we need a positivity boost. These sticky notes can include encouraging words, quotes, phrases or any other thing that you know will put a smile on your face and fills you with positivity. This will motivate you and it will give you an awesome attitude.motivational-sticky-notes-cartoon-cat-october-jones-fb

Another solution is to surround yourself with positive friends because their good vibes can rub on you. They can also help you by boosting up your confidence. For example, sometimes when I feel super negative or stress I vent to The Music Enthusiast and at the end she always knows what to say. Now if you have negative friends, you should distance yourself for a while until you get that positivity back.



4. How to Organize Yourself

-Tip from The Little Writer

Besides having a good attitude, organization is really important throughout the semester. Since classes are starting it is good idea to keep an agenda. This will help you keep a schedule and it will remind you of future exams, quizzes, papers or events. I use an agenda and I can honestly say that it’s a lifesaver and I’m pretty sure my partner in crime The Music Enthusiast will agree with me. An agenda will keep you, at times, stress free (I’m not going to lie, there are times that by looking at it you get stressed, but it does help you set your priorities straight and do the work with time.). Of course some agendas can be pretty expensive. An idea for this problem can be by creating your own calendar, this way you can use your creativity and it’s cheaper. Another idea can be to use your phone, tablet or ipod. In my opinion I like the agenda and creating your own calendar better because you can actually see it, feel it with your own hands and it feels more real.


5. Quick & Easy Breakfast

-Tip from The Little Writer


Finally as the semester progresses we tend to steal a few minutes of sleep, which leads us to skip breakfast. A great way to not avoid the most important meal of the day can be this:

  • Prepare your breakfast the day before that way you don’t have to waste time preparing it in the morning.51GJR2DV2VL._SY300_
  • Get some cereal boxes that way when you’re on the run just grab a box.
  • Some belvita cookies are also good since they are packed with fiber.
  • Have some fruit, so when you’re on the run you can just take a banana, a pear, an apple, etc. Plus its really healthy.
  • Another idea can be to actually wake up early and have time to eat some breakfast.

Although if you’re like me and you think, “It’s too early to have breakfast at this hour.” Then the cereal boxes, fruit and cookies are supper helpful. You can just take them to go and eat it at a more suitable hour.

Hope these five tips will help you and provide some insight. Remember, we will be taking turns posting a tip each week (every Tuesday), so if you guys are looking for a tip and want to ask us our opinion then please leave a comment.

Love, The Little Writer & Your Music Enthusiast ♫


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