The Best Friend Clause

Hello everyone!

As a kid I always had this dream of having a best friend. You know that type of friend that has always been there for you since you were a kid and you end up making big plans for the future, like for instance being best friends forever? Well that’s what I dreamed of as a child. I thought I had one, but it turned out that our friendship was not valuable to her. One day we were talking and the next we hardly spoke. Yet, don’t get me wrong…I tried to make it work, but she didn’t value our friendship as much as I thought she did. So, now every time I see her it’s like we are acquaintances. Ten years went completely down the drain.




Because of all those failed friendships, I would watch a certain movie as a beckon of hope that maybe some day I would get that awesome best friend. One that would still be there once we graduated from college, got married to our spouses, had kids and turned old. Maybe one day, I still have hope. Anyways, the movie that inspires me to keep dreaming of that best friend figure is Bride Wars.

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What I love about this movie is that these are two women, who have been best friends for life and their dream was to get married with their respective boyfriends in the Plaza Hotel. They finally got their wish, but certain circumstances, like their weddings being on the same day, changed their friendship to the worst. They played schemes on each other to make their weddings a living hell. However, they finally got to see how much they missed each other and how they wished they were in each others weddings. So, they got their heads out of their butts and realized that their friendship was more important.


I’ve always wanted that! You know that one best friend that is going to be there through thick and thin. I have friends who I love deeply and I do want them in my life for a really long time, but I could never seen them as that awesome best friend.

No matter how many best friends you think you have there is always that one friend that stands out of the group, who would be the maid of honor at your wedding, that will be the auntie or uncle of your kids etc. Let’s be serious, don’t lie to yourself, you know its true that there’s always that one friend.


So, yeah I have a lot of girl and guy pals, but they unfortunately didn’t fill the Best Friend vacancy in my heart.

This past year, I believe I got lucky. I had already met her on August 2013, but it wasn’t until a year later that we finally spoke as friends. As that semester progressed, we realized we had the same track record of failed friendships. We had so much in common that it freaked us out. Yet, what’s so weird about it is that we never knew how important our friendship was going to be in the short amount of time. Sometimes, I feel that I finally got my wish. I finally got my best friend and I really don’t want to screw it up. I’m scared. I really don’t want this to fail. I feel like I finally found that awesome friendship and I’m terrified that I’m going to lose it in a matter of seconds. However, I know somewhere in my heart and mind that this friendship will last for a lifetime, no matter how terrified I might be.


As many of you guys can guess my best friend is The Music Enthusiast.



So, don’t lose hope. You’ll get that best friend. I am currently in my 3rd year of college and I can finally say I found it.

(Trailer of the movie, Bride Wars, below)

Love, The Little Writer ❤


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