Ouran High School Host Club

Hi everyone!!

So, last summer a great friend of mine bugged me to no end to watch Ouran High School Host Club and unfortunately I ignored her.


Like many of you know, I will be be binge watching all summer (Summer: Binge Watching) to catch up on all those great series and anime that I have missed throughout the years because of college. This led me to finally listen to my friend and I sat down to watch the anime.

This anime is absolutely amazing, but it’s so ridiculous. I mean I’m just…I can’t even put it into words. I mean seriously some of the interactions between the characters are so ridiculous and funny. By only watching the first episode I was instantly hooked. I ended up seeing the 26 episodes in one day.

Ouran High School Host Club is basically about this girl who entered a very prestiges high school thanks to a scholarship bestowed upon her (this high school is so expensive only rich people can attend). She’s an honor student eager to learn, so she can become a lawyer. Haruhi (the girl) was just trying to find a quite place to study when she stumbles upon the host club, which is composed of very wealthy gentlemen, who simply have “too much time on their hands”. These boys created the club to entertain girls who simply have “too much time on their hands” as well.  Unfortunately, an incident occurs and Haruhi must now work to pay off her debt.


Oh and before I forget, everyone in the school believes she’s a boy, the only one’s who know her true identity are the members of the club and it took them a little while to figure it out.


I’m going to stop rambling because I want you guys to watch the series, I feel like I’m already giving you too many spoilers. Unfortunately the series only has 26 episodes, but if you want to continue the story you can read the manga.

Below I will leave you with the first episode of the series. I honestly want you guys to see it and I would really love to know your reactions, so leave a comment below 🙂

Until next time…

Sorry for posting so late I was playing an exciting game of clue.

Love, The Little Writer ❤


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