Guardians of the Galaxy

Hi everyone!

If there is one thing you should know about me is that I love Marvel movies. I absolutely adore them and one of my all time favorites is Guardians of the Galaxy.

With that being said, I am going to tell you why….

1) The Comedy!


I laughed so much during this movie and it is such a great film to watch with either friends or family, so you can all laugh together.

2) Rocket!


Rocket is my favorite character out of them all and it’s simply because of his attitude. I’m quite sassy and confident and I can relate. Plus he’s funny as hell and simply badass…what’s not to love?

3) The Dancing 


I mean who doesn’t love Star-Lord dancing to some of the greatest hits from back in the day.

4) The Music

GotGmixtapeThis movie brought old school music back, which is something I absolutely loved about the film and it educated this generation to some of the classics.

5) Team Work! 


This movie put a lot of focus on how different people can come together to accomplish a goal, whether it is to save the world or to do a project…maybe? This concept has been sort of lost in our generation. Just because we are all different doesn’t mean that we can’t come together to work as a team.

6) The Sacrifice! 



Groot sacrificing his own life to save his team members shows how much he cared for them. Sometimes we need to sacrifice some things in life to help the people we love, even if it means putting your life in danger to save them.

7) Dancing Groot 


Loved Baby Groot dancing to ABC (The Jackson 5). I mean look at that tree/wood/branch shake it.

8) Groot & Rocket: The Bromance


These two are the perfect dynamic duo. Friendship goals…just saying.

So, as you guys can see there are a lot of aspects of this movie that I love. It’s a great film that contains a lot of the characteristics I look for in a movie. I suggest you guys re-watch this movie and if you haven’t seen it….what are you waiting for!

Until next time…

Love, The Little Writer ❤


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