Beautiful Now vs. Facing Reality


“We might not know why, we might not know how, but baby, tonight, we’re beautiful now”

I think that there are an infinite amount of songs about living life and living the moment. Yeah, songs about living life to the max, because we’ve only got one shot in this world so we must try to make the best of it. All of these types of songs are an inspiration, they’re the motivators of our every day lives. However, our lives aren’t like what we see in those music videos. We can’t live life to the max without worries, because at the end of the day, everyone has to face reality. Everyone has to accept that life has its parties, but life also has its difficulties. Everyone is fighting their own wars. Every day, every hour, every minute, we are all fighting to survive one way or another.

The first time I heard Zedd’s song “Beautiful Now”, I supposed it was just another one of those “live the moment” type of songs, and it is. Well, that’s until I saw the music video. One listens to the song and imagines a video like any other music video about partying in the club and such, but this video is the quite the contrary. The way I saw it, it presents the truth. It’s realistic. No matter how old, or how young we are we will always be fighting a battle with ourselves. There are moments in which we’ll find ourselves completely happy and blissful and thankful for life. But there are also moments that we will find ourselves questioning every choice we make, every situation we face, and every event that we’ve experienced in our lives. The video is a reminder that no matter how much we live life and view the beauty of it all, they’ll always be some ugly times as well.


I guess that’s the inevitable balance in life. The reality that there will always be good and there will always be evil. Good vs. bad. Light vs. dark. Beautiful vs. ugly. Right vs. wrong. It’s an eternal balance that it’s older than time itself, and this video is a very good reminder of this.

It’s good to be optimistic and hopeful and fight for the beauties in life. But don’t try to ignore the ugly part of life, because that’s the part that actually makes us stronger. That’s the part that actually makes us who we are. It’s the part that makes us fight for our goals and accept our lives how they are. Don’t lose sight of the reality, my friends. Be positive, fight with all your might. But DO NOT lose sight of the realities.


Here’s the video. Of course these are just my interpretations of the video, everyone is entitled to their own, but I just wanted to share mine! 😉 Hope you can see what I mean.

Until our next song,

Your Music Enthusiast ♫ 


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