Hi everyone!!!

When I was 12 I used to watch TV every morning before going to school. Since, it was still very early in the morning, Adult Swim was always on in Cartoon Network. Out everything they gave, I little anime caught my attention and that my friends was Inuyasha.


While my brothers were very committed watching Naruto, I was as equally captivated by Inuyasha. I started by watching random episodes and eventually I saw them all.


I guess what I loved so much about it was that it wasn’t like any other cartoon and then I learned that it was actually an anime, not a cartoon, which made me even more fascinated by it.


My mom hated it though and when I had the desire to buy all the seasons of the anime on dvd and wanted to use the money I would get from either my birthdays or Christmas’ to purchase them, she wouldn’t allow it. She would say 12 /13 year old girls don’t watch that “type of cartoon.” “You shouldn’t watch a cartoon with demons in it,” she would say, “it is not very lady like.” Eventually when I was 15, she couldn’t stop me anymore. I now own seasons 4, 5, 7 and the Final Act, plus the four movies.


This anime has a special place in my heart because it is what inspired me to start watching anime. Besides who can’t say no to a protagonist that has the cutest dog ears. Just saying! Though, the love triangle was really frustrating, but it is still an amazing anime.


Until next time my friends….

Love, The Little Writer ❤

PS. If you are really interested in watching it, I would totally recommend you do. 

(Trailer below)

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