Fall Out Boy’s Wintour Started With A Bang!

Last Thursday, February 25th, Fall Out Boy kicked off their Wintour in San Juan, Puerto Rico. With over 10,000 people, the Coliseum WAS PACKED and the fans could not be happier that FOB FINALLY came to Puerto Rico to blow our minds. Singing our favorites from “Sugar, We’re Going Down” to “Uma Thurman,” everyone sang along at the top of their lungs to every song they knew. It was an unforgettable moment for FOB fans and hopefully for FOB themselves as they were shocked by the amount of teenagers and youngsters who not only knew their songs by heart but also, and I quote Pete, “knew English pretty well.” Showed them right, huh? Here in Puerto Rico English might not be our first language, but I can assure you that today’s generation is starting to change that.

Now see this?


Well, here we were just getting started. Everyone was running around, anxiously waiting for the people to arrive and the concert to begin. I was in the middle section, and let me tell you that seeing so many people jumping and moving in sync throughout the songs was something breathtaking. Since I got there I got such an adrenaline rush, I was soooo EXCITED. But moving on…

So I  have to admit that I was even more excited by the fact that FOB played non-stop throughout the whole concert. With every single song played the crowd would liven up more and more, and leaving the best for last, by the time they closed with “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark” and “Saturday,” we were all satisfied and amazed by such performance.

As to their songs, besides “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark,” “Uma Thurman,” “Dance Dance,” and so forth, I think one of many people’s  favorites was definitely “Alone Together.” Listen to the love.

Overall, it was a great kickoff for their tour. I’m really happy that I got to see them live and I hope to see them again someday! 🙂

Until our next time,

Your Music Enthusiast ♫


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