Web Wednesday: Lady Gaga’s Oscars Performance

Hi everyone!

Yes….I know….this post is really late, but I had completely forgotten that today was Wednesday.

No matter, lets talk about Lady Gaga’s Oscars performance and how powerful it was.


A lot of people are blind to what is happening around them. They tend to concentrate on themselves and don’t see what’s going on with their loved ones.

Sexual abuse is a serious thing and like the song says, “till it happens to you, you won’t know how it feels,” so some don’t get the severity of the situation because they have never experienced it and I hope none of us ever will. Yet, even though it won’t happen to us, we need to be aware of what’s going on and provide a moral support to those who were affected. They need all the love they can get and be reminded of how valuable they still are and how strong they were for overcoming it.

What I loved so much about Lady Gaga’s performance was the raw emotion behind the song. I even shed tears because that’s how powerful it was. The whole room felt the emotion of this powerful and meaningful performance. Furthermore, at the end she brought out victims to express the courage of these people, but also the severity of this issue.


I am so glad she performed it at the Oscars because it created even more awareness on this serious matter and we, as human beings, need to take action to help others.

This performance was truly amazing! You guys have to see it!

Until next time….

Love, The Little Writer ❤

Ps. Sorry if there are any grammatical errors, I had to write this quick.


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