Our Spring Break Anthem

I think that I can speak for a couple of students when I say that our spring break anthem was non other than Bruno Mars’s “The Lazy Song.”

Spring break was once a holy week in which we could take a breather, spend time with our loved ones, travel, thank the Lord for what we have, and/or just relax… Well, not anymore. Today, I think it’s become more of a week of pure torture because deep down we know we have to write those three or four essays, read the two novels and study for the exam that, of course, they’re all due the next Monday or Tuesday. Yup. Happy Easter to you too, dearest professors. And the worst part of all is that we are too tired/lazy to do any of it and we end up doing everything on Easter Sunday. Again, HAPPY EASTER, PROFESSORS!!! However, throughout the week we can’t deny that we are beyond lazy and we all become the kings and queens of procrastination.

As our dearest Bruno Mars sings, we do in fact:

  • feel as if we don’t want to do anything at all
  • lay in our beds all day
  • or lounge on the couch watching TV or Netflix
  • avoid the comb at all costs, and so forth

So I have to admit it. This song was my jam all throughout Spring Break. I had some work to do and did nothing. The Little Writer had soooo much to do and she barely did anything neither. I mean we are procrastinators ftw! However, I was more of a potato than a procrastinator. I ate and slept way too much. So on a scale of one to nothing I did….

“Nothing at all”♫

No joke. So thank you, Mr. Mars. Thanks to you, some of us had quite an Anthem throughout our Spring Break. Quite inspiring if you ask me. 😛

Until our next time,

Your Music Enthusiast ♫


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