Chill Out

Lately I’ve been having  lot of trouble sleeping. It’s difficult to have a good night’s sleep or even trying to take a good nap during the day. Sometimes I go to bed and it takes hours to fall asleep. My boyfriend recommended that I start listening to music again to try to fall asleep. Once again, his recommendation was a life saver.

I don’t know if I have mentioned it in previous posts, but I believe Spotify has the best playlists ever. They are just perfect. To sleep, I use the Chill step playlist. I put the timer for 15 or 20 minutes and I fall asleep in no time. It’s all thanks to the songs that are played. I mean, they are calming, and they soothe me to sleep. I feel as if I can finally relax and let go of all the stress and the tension that’s smothering me.

One night, before I fell asleep, one song caught my attention. It is titled “It Is What It Is.” Again, I was mesmerized. The song was so soothing and I felt as if all my worries were out of my head and instead my mind was telling me “Sleep, child, everything will be okay now.” I’m not kidding. Another day, the same thing happened with a song titled “Life Goes On,” and what did I know! It was a song by the same artist. I had to get to the bottom of this. It was too good to be true.

The artist is known as CMA. According to the mini bio on his website,

Connery M. A. started his journey into creating music at the age of 12. Pursuing a lifelong passion, he mainly produces chillout electronic music filled with warm and gentle sounds. He thinks that you don’t necessarily have to use words to express emotions, but music on it own shares enough.

I immediately fell in love with his work. He couldn’t be more right! Music can express any emotion without words. Music is PURE emotion. Have you seen a pianist perform? An opera singer dramatize his or her song? Music is a world of feelings and emotions and it’s amazingly beautiful. Music can never fail you.

The songs that I enjoyed were both from the same EP that he released on October 2014. The Ep is titled Life, a completely accurate title as the songs provide this sort of vibe. CMA wrote that “From the hard times to the brighter ones,” that’s what he wants us to listen to. These are five simple songs that convey a world of emotions, and I am really happy I stumbled upon this album.


Here are the songs. I invite you to listen to them, especially “It Is What It Is,” that’s my favorite one.

1. Life Goes On

2. Fragments of the Past

3. It Is What It Is

4. You’re Alive

5. Ku’uipo

I hope you enjoy the songs as much as I do. And now you know that if you have trouble sleeping or relaxing, CMA or some chillstep could help you out! 😉 Here are CMA’s links for his website, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

Until next time,

Your Music Enthusiast ♫


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