About Us

The idea of creating The Little Writing Factory started on October 2014 when The Little Writer decided that she wanted to write about her feelings on certain subjects. For this reason, together with her friend, The Music Enthusiast, she decided to finally create The Little Writing Factory Blog in order to write about their feelings on literature in general, (be it books, short stories, fairy tales, or poems) movies, TV series and music.

The blog will have a friendly, funky, and fresh new perspective for their readers, aiming to attract book lovers, music lovers, and movies & TV series lovers from all over the world.

About Ashlene a.k.a. The Little Writer ❤:

Currently stuThe Little Writerdying English Literature and is cruising through her fourth year of college. Aspires to be a professor, lawyer or a writer (with a little bit more of practice). She is also a lover of movies, shows, books, food and is constantly inspired by different people such as Tim Burton and Hayao Miyazaki. A particular aspect about her is that she is constantly dying her hair and is a huge Disney fan.


About Demi a.k.a. The Music Enthusiast ♫:

Currently finished stuThe Music Enthusiastdying English Literature at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus. She is a lover of music, books, writing, and food. The Music Enthusiast loves the simple things and enjoys time well spent with either good friends, good music, or a good book. A few fun facts include: having a thing for tattoos, having a song for mostly every occasion and reading the last page of a book before actually starting to read it. Check out her section of Musical Posts!


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