Movies, movies and movies! I, The Little Writer, am in charge of giving you information about movies out there. What I love so much about films is that they can help us with our problems, they can relate to certain seasons or moments in our lives or we just watch them for the fun of it. I just love to look at how movies can change our way of thinking and I want to share my love for them with you guys. I want to tell you about those great movies you might have forgotten about or never heard of, but also give you guys the news about new movies coming soon.

So, lets explore these movies together 🙂

These are my movie posts so far ❤

Guardians of the Galaxy
Can I Order a Time Machine, Please?.
Spring Break.
The Theory of Everything
Oscars 2015: Performances, Speeches and Winners
The Best Friend Clause
Valentine’s Day: Not Just for Couples
Updates & Movie of the Week
College Movies & Lessons
New Year: A New Beginning
Movies to Get You into the Christmas Spirit
Soul Searching? Whisper to the Heart is the Movie for You


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