Fuller House

Hi everyone!!! 

Let’s talk about Fuller House!!!

Today was the world premiere of Fuller House on Netflix and this is my opinion.


I honestly loved it and I believe that this season was a good start up. Each episode, for me, gotta better and better. It felt like the cast was more comfortable with each other with every episode that passed.

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Musical Impressions with Jimmy Fallon ft. Demi Lovato

With every song and every performance, I’m loving Demi Lovato more and more. Her voice is getting better and better and as her new album clearly states, she’s getting more confident by the day. I mean, watch this performance, Just. Watch. It. So anyways, once I saw her trying to do Musical Impressions with Jimmy Fallon I was extremely impressed.

With this section, Jimmy Fallon has been able to demonstrate how challenging being an artist can be. Especially if it means following an improvised arrangement done at the moment, plus at the same time imitating another artist. I mean, this is no karaoke.
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Wonderful World of Disney 60th Anniversary

Yesterday, during ABC’s Wonderful World of Disney 60th Anniversary show, I admit I had too many mixed emotions to even try to explain in words how I truly feel about it. I got goosebumps with every single performance and almost cried with every single compilation presented throughout the show. But the performances! Man! Pentatonix, Idina Menzel, Tori Kelly, Jessie J, and so forth!! They got to me! Continue reading

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

Hi everyone! 

Sorry if I’ve been M.I.A, but a lot has happened these past couple of weeks and it’s been tough.

But, I’m back and I want to tell you guys about Hachi.


If you are a pet lover or dog owner, this movie will crush you and you’ll probably run towards your pet just to give them the biggest hug in the universe.

A lot of people might not realize the intense bond one has with their pets or how they become an important member in your family. They become a part of your world.

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My Heart is Skipping Beats

So here’s the thing, as I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, after four and a half years of stuffing my face with my books and studies, I was finally able to take a breather at least for a couple of months until I know which university will accept me to continue with my Master’s degree. During these “mini vacations,” I’ve tried to disconnect myself from the world because those four and a half year really beat the sh*t out of me. This being said, yesterday I spent the day with my mom and dad, something which we can rarely do, and therefore I could not write the Monday post. Heck! I even forgot the Grammys!!! That’s how disconnected I was. But then again, it had been a while since I could spend time with my parents, and yesterday was a great day which I wouldn’t change for anything in the world.

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Joanna Has Some Sh*t To Say

I don’t know when I happened to stumble upon Joanna’s videos. I really don’t. But I can assure you, I watched one video and I instantly got hooked.

Joanna Hausmann is a Venezuelan comedian who has her own section titled “Joanna Rants,” in the Flama channel. In case you are wondering, as I was when I first stumbled across their channel, according to their website,

Flama is a digital network created by, for and starring young Latinos. We focus on comedy and culture (stuff like our crazy relatives, entertainment, music and food). We create funny videos, write offbeat lists and bring awareness to issues affecting our heritage and lives. We aim to capture and celebrate the Latino spirit. Oh and we love llamas way more than cats.

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Super Bowl Performances From Another Angle

Unfortunately, last night I wasn’t able to watch the Super Bowl but it doesn’t mean I didn’t see all the highlights and performances. First, I want to point out that I didn’t even know that Lady Gaga was singing the national anthem this year, and I thought that only Coldplay and, of course, Beyoncé were performing during the halftime show. So Bruno Mars was a very good surprise for me. Continue reading

Disney Goes Tim Burton

Hi guys!!!! 

I don’t know if some of you have noticed, but for the past week these Tim Burton inspired drawings have been circling around throughout social media and I wanted to share it with you guys.

I am a huge fan of Tim Burton’s work and have pretty much seen all of his movies. So you could imagine my face when I saw this. Burton’s style of drawing is remarkable and it has inspired artist in their work. Specially in this Disney inspired one.

Andrew Tarusov was the artist behind these amazing drawings. I suggest you go check out the rest of his work!! It’s incredible!

With that being said let us begin this show….

The Little Mermaid


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Web Wednesday: The Little Match Girl

Hi everyone!!! 

So, a few hours ago I was watching some Disney Animated shorts when I stumbled upon “The Little Match” and let me tell you….I cried a river.


This short is so powerful and heartbreaking. The black and white backdrop doesn’t help either with coping with all of these emotions that are sure to come up. Then drops of color here and there will bring to life beautiful memories. That way we have contrast between the melancholiness and the happiness.

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