Tuesday Tips

Helpful Tips

As 3rd and 4th year students, we know about the ups and downs of college and studying. So we decided to create a new segment in our blog titled Tuesday Tips, where we will give tips based on our own experiences and hassles that school and classes bring to us. This way we can help students who may be looking for some tips to get them through the semester or school year.

So, each week one of us will be posting a tip. Be it about something that happened to us that week, or something we believe is of good use for students everywhere, we’ll help you out and get you through college or school! 🙂

Hang in there kitty

Here you’ll find all of our Tips that have been posted so far.

Tip #17: 5 Steps to Acing Your Finals
Tip #16: Avoid All Nighters
Tip #15: Countdowns
Tip #14: New Class Schedule
Tip #13: Let it Be
Tip #12: Don’t Break the Chain
Tip #11: Rest
Tip #10: Surviving the Pretty Little Liars’ Finale
Tip #9: Reminders
Tip #8: Stress
Tip #7: Perseverance
Tip #6: Exam Study Techniques
Tip #5: The Right Kind of Friends
Tip #4 Valentine Gift Madness
Tip #3: Staying Positive
Tip #2: School Essentials
Tip #1: Taking Advantage of Your First Weeks
5 Back to School/College Tips


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